a syncretism between Commedia dell’Arte and Dance of the Orixas

with Luca Gatta and Ana Auxiliadora Estrela

7th-17th September 2017
Napoli (Naples)

The festival I viaggi di Capitan Matamoros (The journey of Captain Matamoros) will give to actors and students an important opportunity of professional training on Commedia dell’Arte. Luca Gatta, theatrical director, actor trainer and artistic director of the festival, has been conducting for ten years a research on Commedia dell’Arte in a cross-cultural perspective, working on the syncretism between different performative traditions.

This year Italy will metaphorically move to Bahia (Brazil), through the meeting of Commedia dell’Arte and the tradition of Candomblè and the dance of the Orixa in an intensive masterclass of seventy hours in ten days.

What could have in common such different traditions? Can we really put togheter an ancient afro-brazilian ritual and the Italian Commedia?

We can do it because both the dance of the Orixa and the Commedia dell’Arte are performative traditions based on the representation of archetypes. In this sense Commedia dell’Arte is more similar to a ritual – a degraded one – than to the modern European tradition of the ‘bourgeois theatre’. We can face the study of these two expressive forms in an anthropological and cross-cultural perspective as the study on two traditions based on the ritual repetition of fixed models.

Furthermore in both the traditions the actor is cosidered a performer, that is a person who is able to communicate an art through a refined technique. During the masterclass we will work on the common field of acting and officiating a ritual, by studying the ways a performer can use the archetypes to reach a deeper level of perception by playing a theatrical character.

The masterclass will host the Master Ana Auxiliadora Estrela, a Brazilian dancer with the mission of inter-cultural dialogue.


The masterclass will take place in Naples from 7 to 17 of September 2017 in 70 hours of training with two masters.

7th-10th September, h 10.00 – 14.00 and h 15.00 – 18.00 Commedia dell’Arte with Luca Gatta;
11th-14th September, h 10.00 – 14.00 Candomblè and Dance of the Orixa with Ana Auxiliadora Estrela; h 15.00 – 18.00 Commedia dell’Arte with Luca Gatta;
15th-17th September, h 10.00 – 14.00 and h 15.00 – 18.00 syntesis of the two disciplines with Luca Gatta.

For the detailed program click HERE.

The application is for professional actors, young actors of theater schools and amateur actors who want to work with their body. We will admit 25 participants.
Certified frequency release.

The participants will have the opportunity to attend for free to all the events of the festival.


The Application form 2017 must be sent by email with the object “Iscrizione Masterclass 2017” and, in attachment, the cv and a motivational letter.

The last day for submitting the application is 2nd September 2017. It is possible to have a sale if sending the application before 26th August 2017.

Room and board not included.

Info and costs: | +39 339 62352 95