Luca Gatta

He studied at the International School of Theatre Anthropology directed by Eugenio Barba, both in Denmark with the actors of Odin Teatret and in Poland at The Grotowski Institute. He continues his theater training by attending workshops with many actors like Torgeir Wethal, Roberta Carreri, Julia Varley, Frans Winther (Odin Teatret).

He studied with the Master Marco Montagnani Wu Shu and QI Cong therapeutic. He got the title of Therapeutic QI Cong Instructor at the Center for Eastern Studies Disciplines of Montelupo Fiorentino (FI).

He took the drama and theatre anthropology workshop of Prof. Marco De Marinis (University of Bologna) and Prof. Franco Carmelo Greco (University of Naples).

He took the UISP certification as a teacher of Folk Dances.

He attended the fifteenth edition of Arlecchino Errante, held by Claudia Contin and Ferruccio Merisi, with seminars by Yves Lebreton, Claire Heggen and Lucia Zaghet.

He attended the Balinese Topeng Dance workshop with I Made Djimat and Enrico Masseroli.

In the last ten years he studied voice physiognomy with Francesca Della Monica.

He was the main teacher and trainer of the masterclasses on modern use of the mask in Russia, at GITIS of Moscow with Alexandr Korucekov, in the international theater festival of Oujda in Morocco and in the FITAG Festival of Girona, in Spain.

In 2015 he founded C.U.L.T. factory, a Center for Cross-cultural Theatre, which hosts LICOS (International Laboratory of Scenic Composition), where young actors studied the common principles and the possible interactions between different forms of theater, in collaboration with teachers from different traditions and disciplines across all the world .

Since 2014 is the artistic director of the festival of Commedia dell’Arte “I viaggi di Capitan Matamoros”.