Ana Auxiliadora Estrela

ana EstrelaBrazilian, born in Salvador de Bahia. She started the studies of modern dance in 1979 with King MIRROR MARTINEZ and MARLENE DE SOUZA, afro-brazilian and folkloric dance at the SESC school in 1982.

In Salvador de Bahia, she attended the dance school of Fundaçao Cultural do Estado de Bahia, where she studied articulation. She took part in the dancing body of KING’s “Companhia Brasileira de danças populares” (pre-African-Brazilian dance), where she also became a choreographer. In the meantime she has participated in several courses and events, such as the “Oficinas Nacionais de dança Contemporanea”, with MERCEDES BAPTISTA (African african-dance dancer), HUGO RHODAS (Spain, contemporary Spanish dance), KLAUS WIANNA and RAINNER WIANNA (Brazil, Kinesiology applied to dance), CLYDE MORGAN (US, Afro-American dances and Orixàs dances), LIA ROBATO (elements of choreography according to VON LABAN), ROSANGELA SILVESTRE (Brazil / US, Brazilian modern dance). She has collaborated on the first edition of the “Axé Project” (Street Children) and taught and choreographed: the SESI dance school, nursery schools and schools, gyms and social centers. She resumed his studies on “ORIXA’S” at the school of SESC continuing her research within the “Casas de Cadomblè” (Afro-Brazilian Religious Temples).

In Italy she works with socialization and prevention projects through popular dances, in various social centres and schools. Have polysynthetic laboratories within Psychiatric Rehabilitation Centres, and in 2010 and 2011, with the Arci and the Atlantis Association through CSM 6, developed the “Body, Anime and Movement” laboratory dedicated to CARA guests, Asylum seekers, victims of torture. She conducts motor coordination laboratories through dance in Service Cooperatives to people with disabilities. She conducts Corporean Expression, Popular Brazilian Dances, Folklore and Afro-Brazilian Dances / Dances by ORIXA’S. She develops choreography for music groups, dance and events such as The ARRASTAO DI YEMANJÀ – Milan, BANDITA – Bari, OLOXUM group in Bologna. She holds workshops at the international dance festivals “ZINGARIA” and “CAPODANZE”. For years she has performed in shows at festivals, squares, parades.

In 2008 he founded the Afro-Brazilian Cultural Association “ORIGENS”.

Since 2008 she is a Shiatsu practitioner.